Coming Up

So it is the monthly look at what appears to be coming or what is on the horizon in the world of radio. And as it is holiday time there seems really not to be much on the radar at the moment, know more drop me a note.

So what do we really know?

President brings some dual voltage 12/24v radios. Myself I especially wait for the Henry Classic, loved the Harry II and this is a Harry II on steroids. They have delivered already a new car antenna called the New York and more than that nothing on the horizon. Murata Filters were mentioned with the same company but not anyone can really say yes or no, it’s just hearsay till now.

Another rumour not going away is a new 10m radio for a seller inside the EU. I know the name and the model but we need wait till it is a little more concrete than now.  Delivery time is estimated towards the end of year, maybe in Q4 and somewhere near Christmas. Will be 28000/29700 and then export mode makes it more “CB friendly”

Other makers are quite quiet and of course concentrating on the year ahead and more wider afield. All the other usual suspects seem to be concentrating mostly on the handheld market at the moment. Ranger has delivered there new version of the 2970/N4 but I hear from America to mixed opinions. Yaesu has delivered updates to the DSP and touch screen on the FT-991 and seems still to be a work in progress. I know someone who changes from VFO A to B and although the band changes the VFO never changes from A so more updates needed I guess.

Qixiang: Seems they have sure taken all the budget market with the radios under the Team, Avanti, Albrecht, CRT, Anytone, Optim and other names or was this short sighted as now dealers struggle to sell them as all the same under different names and different price points! Better choice would have been 1 dealer 2 radios and that’s that. So maybe victims of there own success here. But what is sure they juggled and threw the market up in the air with solid, full export radios that work really quite well indeed.

So not much happening as holiday season. Let us hope something decent comes along during September or October. The market grows for CB in many areas so let us hope that the resellers see this and bring something new and different.

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