President Harry III & ML145 Antenna 744LEI

While surfing around I see that President Romania have advertised the new Harry III 12/24v and comes with the ML-145 antenna for a packet price of 744LEI which is around €168 and of course comes with the 5 year warranty so that seems to be an ok deal? Other than this there is the Truman in another package deal.

Some criticised before some deals that had an antenna that wasn’t that good. ML145 works well for me when I have used it (mostly on SSB) so with the warranty seems to be reasonable for the price. I get many emails from Romania and that’s why was looking around to see what was around. 

The link I found it at was:

Another interesting thing is have not seen any of the new series radios with dual voltage nowhere so it appears at least they are around somewhere. And if you see a good real and want it posted here then send a message and we will get it added on the blog.

As a small team we cannot search everywhere and that’s why when Nevada, Radiozing and others come to us we can add it here quickly. So as I say, seen a deal want it published then drop us a line and let’s get it done so people in many countries can see what is on offer.

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