ECBF First Meeting Sweden / Norway

On the weekend of the 28th till 30th August the European CB Federation will hold its first meeting in Sweden / Norway. Actually the meeting will be held in no mans land in the location Morokulien. The meeting will begin on Friday around 6pm local and end around lunch time on the Sunday.


A very big well done goes to: who contacted the blog what seems now such a long time ago. Congratulations on the membership of ECBF and wish you a great meeting. The web address is: 

Vi har blivit beviljade medlemskap i ECBF

 Swedish CB radio Club Tellus. Official representative of the ECBF in Sweden

The European CB Federation (ECBF) announces the incorporation of the Swedish cb radio Club Tellus

Anyone interested in contacting the representative of the ECBF then direct it is at: And to see the location then you have the website:

And in the UK, remember you have a delegate too. Maybe he is even at this meeting? I don’t know, so you need to contact this address:
I am not sure 100% but believe they will be on air also during the meeting? If it is true or not? What they will be using etc I will write back here when there is news (if any)
A great photo of some of the ECBF Delegation including the President of the ECBF and unless my eyes are deceiving me the genius that is indeed Mr ASC from President? Not met with him in 10 years now but think it is him there. Those who know sure will tell me.
 On a Private Note
I have been asked by readers of the blog why I am not part of the ECBF. Reasons are many. Not asked and I am someone who does things in the background, not a group person. I think I had once an email address at @ecbf but cannot remember. So that is why in a quick answer. Plus always a pirate. And add to this my passion with CB is in another area than rule making, other area than standards being set. I am more interested in technical, design, making the most of what we have, and wanting more from it also. Rules are just there to stop the fun happening. However I know the President of ECBF for over 10 years, he is a fine example of someone who will get things done. As always I congratulate him. He has done more for CB than some will ever know.
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