Stabo XM-4060e Drops to 119euro from 179.95euro?

Email this morning from Germany I believe from Jens telling me that the Stabo 4060 has dropped in price at Funk-Keller Weissach from the usual 179,95 euro (I believe it is fantasy price) to 119 euro which is itself only 10 euro less than the normal price from other dealers. Hm, so seems the time I finally get one to have a play with.


As we know the radio is backed by President and Uniden so the AM Quality should be “all that” and covers the bands:

UK: 40 channels ending .125 and 40 CEPT FM, no AM in this mode

PL: 40 channels AM/FM with the -5kc ending

D: 80 channels FM and 40 channels AM

EC: 40 channels FM

IN: 27 channels AM & FM

And of course comes with the ASC as does all President radios.

179,95 euro for this radio? I have also seen it for 129 euro and as much as 219 euro. Saying that yesterday I saw a Lincoln II v3 for sale online for 369,95 euro. Now for this, come on a joke is a joke don’t take it too far.

179.95 Euro is £132

119 Euro is £89

369.95 Euro is £271

Based on todays rate.

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