President Heads Back To Home Of CB

As we announced sometime ago and it appears now sure that President will return to the USA, and it seems part of the radios heading there is the Johnny 12/24v as it is featured on the website which is now live and can be viewed.


I will stick my head out and say it is well long overdue this idea to head back to the USA. CB was from the USA and the first pieces of radio from President were from the USA so the spiritual home deserves to be back in the USA. They celebrate in some years 40 years and see all that has passed in those times. Things sure have come a long way. And as they will celebrate I will too have a celebration, 40 years on air as a CB radio user. So guess am one of the oldest, youngest customers. Guess I get a reward? Long User medal? And writing about CB radio some 32 years it will be then..


Check the website:

They started as “Engineered To Be The Very Best” so let this be the slogan again and hope some good new things will come along in the next years. Already the idea of Murata again inside, that is something good..


Hmm, does or will Lincoln II get this too? Or just Uniden made? All radios will come with Murata? But maybe not I would guess.. Anyone know how well a Murata will work in a V3 Lincoln? Best check ebay I suppose

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