Albrecht AE-2990AFS 261Euro Oh Boy..

I almost spit my drink all over the floor when I saw the recent price for this hand held at the local and could be said almost only radio shop in Budapest. As we know the exchange rate plays some mischief with prices but when I saw the new price online that was amazing 81915HUF local equating to 261 euro / £191 for the radio


Now it is more than obvious why sales of used gear out weighs the new and the smart people order online from outside of Hungary.  Anyhow that by the side, not for me at that price, actually these days not for me at any price at all.

Just thought I would share the price as seems again to be another interested in fantasy pricing, oh boy.

And the full selection:

As you see not even the “sold everywhere” AE-6110 is on sale here

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