Albrecht AE-6110 2.0 Funkshop Heerdt Edition

Well it had to happen, and seems that someone has taken the exceptionally good AE-6110 and have made it better. Boy oh Boy seems i need look into this edition. So what is new? External s-meter socket is available, modification of output and conductors to allow power of 15-20w FM with no fan needed and NF Circuit Mods.


External signal meter is new, audio modifications are new to me but the power one i had heard about before after reading it online from Romania where Avanti has it as part of the package. Price is not known for all the mods and if interested then you need to contact FunkshopHeerdt 0211/501307 and guess need add +49 before and take out the 0 from the number when calling from outside DL

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