Albrecht AE-5890EU SSB Receive

So comes the time when it is different to try something else at the same location and see what happens. And so with this in mind i have connected an AE5890EU in export mode so covers from 24.7 upwards and to see how it performs against the usual suspects in the area of receive. And below is a result of an SSB video made this morning


We all what local disturbances can cause and indeed erratic s meter on some radios and all the other usual suspects when it comes to what and how something is received. I will go on the record now and say that this radio (at this time, at this date, at this location) receives on SSB as quiet as the TS480SAT that once was here some years back.

What is not there:

No erratic movements of the signal meter,  almost silent receive when nobody is calling,  no weird noises, fake mike keying, nothing only silence. It is like an old school radio like George or old Jackson where the signal meter remained less stressed than the radios of today.

I am not a fan of Albrecht SSB radios but am a fan of quiet receive on radios. And this radio has it (or the one that i have at least)

Dare i say this is how we want SSB radios to receive and not noisily where you speak to 3 and miss 4 as the noise is too hard or the white noise to signal is better.

Reseller and makers, please this is how we need the radios to work, not S3/5 noise like on all Qixiang and not signal lambada like the Grant II and Jackson II. Make it simple, make it easy and make it like back in the old days when the receive was quiet, nice to listen too, easy to use and speak with people.

This version of the 5890 is the one with extra board soldered near the back of the radio and is supposed to be the clear audio version, maybe it is called Compressor version? Not sure but the audio from the radio is also really sounding well.

GOOD FOR YOU ALBRECHT, it is sounding really quite nice and now test the FM and AM receive.

But is it just luck this one is fine? Or are all the latest ones the same? Is it development at the factory or at the German side of the company? OR have Albrecht turned a corner and will now bring only good equipment to market?

Antenna for this video was the Sigma Eurocomm Venom 5/8 and also tested on Tunderpole 5, Thunderpole Galaxy 5/8, Antron 99 and President Himalaya and with ALL these antennas the same result, quiet receive and natural sounding non robotic sound from the radio.

And if buy on mainland EU at the moment it’s working out at around £147 plus delivery


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2 thoughts on “Albrecht AE-5890EU SSB Receive

  1. ive ownend one since april the Albrecht is a great radio mine is version 3 I purchased from diesnerfunk in Germany the rx is great no noise pure signal 🙂 it is an overlooked radio when your looking for a sub £200 radio its worth a punt


  2. well what can we say a great bit of info a great video and Albrecht you have to see to be leave a great rx sound very good so not this is the standard that the rest have to come up to but will they this year or next year will all Albrecht be like this now or is this a one of but its good to see no jumping all over the place and losing good contacts thank you Simon for your work a good time I might be in the market for one very soon 73s


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