Music on 27.270 AM

Well it has happened again and indeed seems to be some sort of music station, more than a CB Operator. The songs this time range from Kumsaldaki Ayak Izleri, Ersen Dadaslar to Ayla Dirkmen. There seems no real conditions so thought was breakthrough from something but appears to be indeed transmitted audio on this channel and frequency.


The songs appear to play around 90 seconds and then another one begins and continues on like this, signal all the time from S3-8 and fading heavily and sometimes not heard at all.

Now checked on 3 different radios and the same result, also at the top of the hour and bottom of the hour there were bleeps and time signals. So breakthrough maybe not as 3 different radios get the same signal? Not sure what it is at all.

Checked on: AE5890EU, AE-6110 and the Stabo all with the same result, music playing

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