Alfa Tango World Rugby Cup Special Event New Entrants

Like with all radio special events and other related matters things change and this is the same for this event. There are now new stations to catch and thanks for the updates being sent and of course we will feature them here. Maybe there are more stations to come? I do not know but here is an update now to the latest list.


This is the Final list :-
1. 26AT/RWC/NZ = 26AT077 Mike (New Zealand)
2. 26AT/RWC/SA = 26AT233 Andrew (South Africa)
3. 26AT/RWC/IR = 26AT016 Paul (Ireland)
4. 26AT/RWC/EN = 26AT065 Barry (England)
5. 26AT/RWC/AU = 26AT080 Harry (Australia)
6. 163AT/RWC/WA = 163AT151 Simon (Wales)
7. 26AT/RWC/FR = 26AT093 Angelo (France)
8. 163AT/RWC/SC = 163AT066 Alun (Scotland)
9. 163AT/RWC/AR = 163AT136 Steve (Argentina)
10.26AT/RWC/SM = 26AT128 Mark (Samoa) 
11.26AT/RWC/JA = 26AT026 Andy (Japan)
12.26AT/RWC/FI = 26AT387 Bill (Fiji)
13.26AT/RWC/TO = 26AT708 David (Tonga)
14.26AT/RWC/IT = 26AT126 Craig (Italy)
15.26AT/RWC/GE = 26AT040 Rob (Georgia)
16.26AT/RWC/US = 26AT077 Mike (USA)
17.26AT/RWC/RO = 26AT233 Andrew (Romania)
18.26AT/RWC/CA = 26AT026 Andy (Canada)
19.26AT/RWC/UR = 26AT387 Bill (Uruguay)
20.26AT/RWC/NA = 26AT128 Mark (Namibia)
As you all know the SES starts on Friday the 18th of September & ends Saturday the 31st of October.
Any frequency above 27600 or below 27500 can be used but for Cluster DK purposes i have quoted the primary Frequency as being 27620 & the Secondary frequency being 27640.
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