Anytone Ares

As most people know Qixiang are responsible for many of the new radios around at the moment. Whether there own Anytone brand, Superstar, Team, Cobra, Albrecht, Avanti and others. Now an old school looking radio appears on the site and it is also old on the outside and of course new under the covers

The radio is a 10m AM/FM with three levels of power, front mounted PC programming like we saw on the Stabo and Avanti of some years back. Of course the analogue signal meter makes it look old school, and there is of course export mode but not important now how it works but enough to say it has indeed 400 channels.

It is designed for the USA market first of all but let us hope that somebody smart will take it inside the EU and market it for the legal CB market. Sure it is not SSB but the design, the style and the way it works is great. Transmitted audio is strong, sharp and well formed. Yes it maybe needs 6 pin to make it better but at the moment I tested it, sounded fine.

PC Programming will allow the program the radio with 0 as well as 5 endings ** and all the usual things that Qixiang are famous for.  And for the USA weather channels could be an option on this radio.

** Original Software didn’t work for me**

It makes you wonder what now will come from them, it’s time for thinking about the 2016 radios and let us hope something different and special will come along.

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