New Radios & High White Noise Levels

The discussion has been running for many months and indeed since late 2007 the reason why some CB radios whether on FM or SSB have loud noise level. Meaning more signal meter lambada than signals. It is not isolated and cannot be blamed solely on location, radio brand and coax and antenna installation.

So I’ve decided to ask companies and asked them what is the reason. And see if they are brave enough to tell exactly the truth or whether they don’t know the reason?

We know since the old days of Cobra 148, Superstar 2000, George, Lincoln, James, Madison and others the times have changed. There is now ROHs which sure has some reasons to it as solder, boards, components have all changed. The good old days of leaded solder are away.

Can it be cured so you can get a noise less receive like on the recently looked at AE5890EU? So it cannot be based solely on new components etc as this radio is silent where the CRT6900n shows S3, Grant II S4 and RCI2950DX last version when tested S7 of nothing more than noise, just loud white noise.

You speak skip and the signal is S3 and you have a radio with S4 noise you are done for. Time for a new hobby. I was told once it could be antenna related so decided to take the challenge and try different antennas, same location on same equipment.

Antron, President Himalaya, 5/8 metal, 1/2 metal, Gainmaster, IMAX, Bamby,  2 element.

With the same radios the same noises. Sometimes an S point more, sometimes an S point less. No matter what antenna. So location! But some other radios silent so maybe not?

Recently I tried AE-6110 and has S2 noise FM, Team MX-10 with S7 and Stabo XM4060e with S4 all on FM. And I guess with more time similar things will be seen. Anybody tested something and found similar results? Use the reply or contact form and let me know so I can share it here.

Onwards Years To Come

People will vote with there feet. If one maker sells noisy radios they will go elsewhere. I agree there are sometimes geographic issues but this alone it is not. There is something inherent in the DNA of some radios. Short cuts? No Quality? People have called it many words.

The question we need answered is this, and I will ask onwards companies the same thing.

If the Albrecht can be noise less in most situations and it will not be the heaviest invested in at the factory which does your radios carry so much noise level? 

If anyone replies I will let you know what they say!!

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  1. Hi,simon most of the problems are wide band front ends,high gain in RX preamp stage,now generally OK for FM use,but on am\ssb you don’t need high gain .this causes too much gain into I.f ampliers,AGC pumping,excessive noise in the mixers.
    Couple this with SMP supplies,plasma TV s,PC computers radiating rubbish,PLC interference on mains radiating in urban environments all does not help.
    I wish cb manufactured radio had the facility to bypass the rf amplifier front end like commercial hf or amateur radio equipment,that would cut down a lot of hash noise.
    I have same problem here at my own qth my Albrecht as_6110 so sensitive it picks up lot of hash noises,I just put the 6db rg gain button in all gone,at the expense of losing 1 or 2 s points on meter.
    Another thing makers could do is adding a 15khz roofing filter after mixer stage that would clean up skirt noise in receiver.


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