Nanfone 160 SSB Radio

There was first some pictures of a silver looking SSB radio called the Nanfone CB159 but I’ve never seen the radio on any market area and now comes the Nanfone CB160 which now is black in colour and a little different.

So what do we know? 25610-31105 and working AM/FM/SSB and I must say it even though it is not the case it looks a little Qixiang copycat styling has been used. Bands A-F and with AM/FM 12w and SSB 21w PEP. No mention about PC programming but many will be happy that it also has echo installed.

No ideas of EU resellers now, but maybe take a look at Team as an option as they have the Nanfone 318 as the MX-10 and will bring the TruckerCom which many see as from the same factory.

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