UK in Export Mode “It is not there?” **** Updated****

So a video in response to an email from the UK which told me about a discussion on the “muppet channels” that it is not possible for the UK Mode to be enabled in export mode (Premium Grant II) and i was making false statements and a few more different abuses, so am happy to set the record straight for this person.


So as quick as you wrote your abuse are you man enough to write your apology?

I read that M0OGY is awaiting his radio and please check his channel for the review of the radio. For me it is the chase to find something and make it seen and add a few comments, these days am not a review sort of guy.

Oh, and the “fake mike key issue” I’ve this radio on now over an hour and there is no issue at all on the antenna which i use now, a Thunderpole Galaxy 5/8

And it is UNIDEN MADE and not Qixiang as some are quoting online.


Photo above: Thank you Klaus excellent idea.

Top Photo: PB370AA is the old Grant II board

Bottom Photo: PB372AA is the new Grant II board

So indeed as told, it’s an all new board inside 

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3 thoughts on “UK in Export Mode “It is not there?” **** Updated****

  1. good one simon and uk40 fm its there but you know some will still be saying the same but its there looks ok but big sig of mush early stages see what its like later best regards stephen


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