PNI Extra 45 “Where Are You”

It seems a long time now since emailed three companies and asked about the chance to do a side by side test of the PNI Extra 45. This morning the new Team antenna reminded me that absolutely not one responded and indeed one of them was always really chatty about new stuff and now nothing, absolutely nothing really happened.


And does anyone want to see the nearest I came to test one?


Damage and not usable, so those who asked me about it over the weekend here is the answer. Was beyond use.

And now seems the antenna is not around at the moment, so cannot expect anything from me in the near future as seems either out of stock always or not available.

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    • Yes indeed and I understand that’s where the issue with build is. The Virginia does not have the tuning stub but covers 80 channels. I think they are revising it and maybe it comes again another time?


    • Actually build wise side by side Virginia has more magnets, better warranty etc but wanted just to see side by side for my own curiosity you know to get a real answer and not just video showing it but no transmit etc. you know what I mean?


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