Team Tornado 2m/70cm Antenna

Team has come to market with a Virginia’ish called the “Team Tornado” and this one is cut for the 2m and 70cm band. Obvious its low profile will make it quite usable on modern cars where you do not want large whips floating around in the air. Comes in at 31.90 euros and is available now on the market


The antenna is 50w rated and comes with 5 metres of RG174 Coax. I am not sure of its full working range and whether it is suited for PMR 446 or indeed Freenet. But sure Markus at Neuner who has just advertised this antenna will know and we hope to have an antenna here for test shortly.

Seems to come from the same factory as the PNI (Impossible to test) and other antennas that are look a likes.

Link to the antenna:

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