Another Albrecht AE-6110 Modification

This radio, whether based on price, features, export mode whatever the influx of photos with modifications seem never to stop. Michal sent these to the blog via email and it shows the fitting of a 6110 into a  Volkswagen (No Diesel Jokes) and what is more interesting is that the radio apparently has a heat-sink like the AT6666 fitted to it


What is sure is that there are SO MANY modifications out there at the moment. And keep them heading into the blog as it is your space to show what you have done, what you have seen or the modifications that are out there.


It is my understanding from Michal that SRCB in Romania is the place to go for a “tricked out Albrecht” and if what has been seen in the last days is to be believed then it sure is the place.

Photo credits to SRCB Bacau in Romania until am told differently. Seems really a place to take a look around.


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