EU Shipping Stops End Of September 2015 **UPDATED**

A new law inside of Germany which stops resellers selling goods outside of the country to “private customers” will stop people like Markus from Neuner from selling to customers in all areas of the EU, Norway and Switzerland without the purchase of expensive licenses to continue. So the good old days are ending.


This will effect many people, including myself who bought the AE-6110 from Markus, where in Budapest the store that sells Albrecht here still tells the model is too new and they do not stock it yet. So maybe it is back to ebay and Amazon, is that the way ahead I wonder?

Markus told me: ” There are new EU regulations which are very expensive and much paperwork, so many small business cant afford send to EU anymore”

So much for making business easier, and a bad day for me, and many many who have used Markus services. So it seems not even sitting in HB0 land would help me either. A very sad time indeed….

So, last minute bargains can be found at

And the used goods here:


Some radio-order companies have announced that they do not ship goods to retail customers in other European countries.

What is the reason for this measure?

This is due to the EU Directive 2012/19 / EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment. This Directive provides, inter alia, before that mail order company must be of electrical and electronic equipment in any EU country, in which they provide equipment to private customers, register for a waste-collection system.

These registrations are expensive and must be replaced regularly. Moreover, even div. Archiving and documentation obligations to fulfill. The cost of these expenses can be for each (!) The EU country to which provides the dealer, easily amount to 1000 Euros per year.

These costs can be offset by smaller retailers often do not. Therefore, it is no longer economically viable for these traders to supply goods to consumers in other EU countries.

In addition, there is uncertainty about where EU countries, the new provisions of the regulation are already being applied. The Regulation must be implemented in each EU country each in a national law. That has not yet happened anywhere.

If a trader supplies without the required registration in an EU country in which the provisions of the regulation are already being applied in (eg Austria), threaten him warning and any further financial demands. There are cases known in which German merchants who supplied without registration to Austria, were reprimanded.

In Germany, the EU directive will be implemented through a revision of the “EEE Act” (ElektroG).

A discussion on this topic found on the Internet forum “” instead.

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  1. this is crazy so if you live in the uk you have to buy in the uk with there high prices this is not the right way to trade a back wards step and will see the end of a lot of dealers in the eu I say the eu have got it wrong and its time we were all out of the eu


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