Truckerswereld Gone Chrome

Thanks so much to Bert for letting me know that Ronald also now has the two chrome Presidents in stock and available for sale. The Jackson II comes in at 309.95 euro and the Walker Chrome 219.95 euro and he will also modify them for export mode for an extra 10 euro should you not want to do it, or would rather it be shop modified.


My situation is well documented. I placed an order way back in July but as the stock arrived on the 1st October it was not possible to have the radios. EU laws and such. The law has not started here according to websites but if you need to get a paper, get it translated, notified by a lawyer that it is the case then make a radio 500 euro and not worth it. SO anybody with either radios drop me a line and i will add you to the blog if you want to write a small review or send a video in.

But thanks to the dealers who offered support in this matter, some who know me many years and some new. You all INCREDIBLE kind to offer. Thanks so much. You know who you are..

Thanks Bert for the tip also, top class and guess they arrived via Avera. Well done Piet..

Links Jackson II Chrome:

Links Walker Chrome:


And this is the 1000 post on the blog. Congratulations to Ronald for being featured in it….

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