President Grant II Premium In HD

The last series of photos and this is of the all new and very different Grant Premium. This radio has caused so many emails in recent weeks, and indeed some still call it an Anyclone made radio. But ignorance is bliss and that’s why the last emails remain unanswered as clearly not true at all there words.

All the radios in the HD series are available now in stock at and can be seen in his website. Remember all copyright of these photos are (c) Mr Markus Neuner.

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3 thoughts on “President Grant II Premium In HD

  1. Hi Simon,

    Is there a way to distinguish this premium version form the previous one, from the outside. For example the Jackson II ASC Classic has “Classic” written on it…I do not see such lettering on the Grant II.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Yes it has a heatsink on the back, Premium is written on the box and at the end of the box is written “Murata inside” plus the box is larger to accommodate the heatsink


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