President Jackson II Classic Against President Jackson II Chrome

So here we have a board by board look at the two most recent Jacksons to hit the market. The Chrome is serial number 00027 and the Classic 00382 and both are not touched, are street legal and not modified.


Thanks to Markus ( who shipped the radio to me. You will see by the video the radios are almost identical inside, there are a couple of wires different and i think the Chrome edition has some changes relating to DE band, higher power than the previous versions. Black one featured here is the older version and not the classic.

Got to be honest as a punter, Joe Bloggs radio buyer. The black one has better buttons, they are firmer and appear to be more stable than the silver / chrome version. Can be the plastic is thicker? Not sure but both radios the buttons will work fine and well, just there is more robust feel on the black one. But if too tight remember both inner and outer would move, so a compromise also it could be?  I have read complaints again about FM Audio, AM is President and they are the kings of it. FM is like an after thought and if you set up the radio for AM sounding excellent, FM will always sound darker. That is how it is. And of course ASC is AM, that is how was thought up, built, designed for. No shocks in FM mode, it is working but is for AM

SSB Front end overload is reported from the UK. Opinion later as not used it so far a lot and cannot say

Low Power SSB in Legal Modes. Mine is around 10w

The radio behaves like the Classic, not any differences TX/RX 

I am told the buttons are not chrome enough. Do you know the cost of Chrome? These are as they are.

President were brave to return to chrome radios in the walker and Jackson. On looks it is a winner, keep them coming it is the wise choice for the retro market and those who missed out on them first time around.

How it works, what it does and all the other matters surrounding the Jacko Chrome comes soon when time

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