tti TCB-1000n CB Radio (54-60 Euro)

I actually laughed when was sent the radio below information from Korea as thought this radio was known as the 550 and then the 560 and now it is called the 1000n (the n being new) and seems indeed now to be available on the market and comes complete with ASQ (Auto Squelch) as you see is small same as the 550 and much the same.


The price point here on the mainland appears to be around 54-60 euro on various sites and I am informed there is 25.6-30.1 on the inside for the export mode and indeed has 10w power at the change of something inside.

And to again make it clear to the “FM modulation is always quiet on CB Compared to my Anytone” the audio on this like all legal CB Radios is set to 1.8khz.

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