Uniden 980 SSB Comes “Beep Free”

Finally and somewhat late but we have now the confirmed news that the Uniden 980 SSB that needed a hardware change to make the channel change bleep stop perforating your ears now has a new firmware that enables this terrible 10cent noise ruining your experience and it is found on the NB/ANL  switch indeed


So how does it work? Stage 1 check the inside of the box, meaning when you open it there is on the flap a number. If it says U01UT561ZZZ then you are the owner of a version that needs the hardware modification but if you own the U01UT563ZZZ then do the following routine.

ANL/NB: Provides 3-way control of ANL (Automatic Noise
Limiter) or NB (Noise Blanker) features — ANL on, NB on, or both
ANL and NB on or off. ANL reduces external noise. NB reduces
interference from vehicle ignition systems. Press and hold for one
second to turn key beep tone on and off.
Note: Use this button to turn key beep on and off. Press and hold until BP ON
or BP OFF display

So the terrible noise is now silenced. Thanks to the people who helped me with this issue.

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