President Grant II Fine Course Omitted?

Interesting times when checking circuit diagrams (like you do) when you check the 2013 diagrams of the original Grant II there is mentioned on the diagram Fine / Course which in plain speak is clarifier and ability to make from 365-360 and 365-370 in 1khz steps. So was this deliberately omitted from the final version or hidden in firmware.

When you check the above it shows course and fine. Of course I’m not sure, just was something that I saw while trying impliment push button export. If it was deliberately omitted then it’s poor. Sure would add cost to an expensive radio. But three technical guys I’ve asked tell me they can get it working.

Me? Guess another wait and see time with the home modifiers of radios

Or is the chassis of a new and secret generation of SSB radios in the future like many tell me. Like Nokia was in the past, hide various software pieces and impliment some of them in certain sales areas and not in all.

Hiding anything Mr Grant?


Thanks Thijs for the diagram, lost mine somewhere here
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