Why Choose A President In The USA?

So it is a well known secret that President will head back to the home of the CB radio in 2016. The smart people already tell me this signals the end of President Europe. As one of the oldest youngest customers of President I’d go and enter the lottery. Maybe they quit EU, can be but I think this idea is quite simply rubbish.

Check the new website to see the building and indeed the “vision of President” Hm not going to add much there. Of course it’s true, and maybe they are humble as can be mentioned first ever multi-EU was James and George, while other struggled Uniden were ahead. Cordless Mike, makes radio easier as no cables dangling around your eyeline or to cause distraction. But otherwise hm, not sure really.


**I’m not sure about 100% user satisfaction. Bold statement. This I don’t agree with personally. But maybe this is for USA market not EU.**

High noise levels, loose controls, I just can’t agree with it.

However, yes they react quick, service is 100%, standards of care high

But I’m a user, not a worker like some believe. Guys I’m in Hungary, not Balaruc! And Hungary not Florida. So can’t be involved in nothing at all.

Link: http://tinyurl.com/q6xd74h

I just think now there needs to be a clear idea of what customers want. SSB will never sell well, it supplements AM/FM. But the SSB market needs a radio to shake it up, make people see what is out there and can be done. In EU Grant II Premium is on the way, but there is room for something more to come. It’s not enough to sustain the marketplace.

** Website was changed, to maximum user satisfaction.**

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