President Jackson II Chrome £239.95

A brief look around today and I see that Nevada now have the chrome finish Jackson II in stock after showing it being “out of stock” for some weeks. The latest rendition of the radio, this time with retro-chrome finish. Remember compared to Grant II Premium it’s old style, back to early 2000’s to use

In my experience of this radio I can say the following, as a punter! Not free! Was from Markus at Neuner the radio. AM and FM it delivers solid and very good performance. But I think in *export mode you need to have it checked by a radio engineer. Mine is a little off frequency in export mode! Just like the original Lincoln was (but history has treated it fairer)  Some complain already it has AGC issues, as there is hardly anyone on air here I cannot confirm or deny that. Some controls are loose, gives the cheap effect as not firm. I’ve also the Jackson II Classic and they are not loose. So guess thicker material and so not loose as fit tighter.

* I was told by an engineer in Germany. Radio is perfect on frequency in legal format. Make it export and it needs tuning to cover the whole spectrum. And then later if you need to return to legal format then those legal channels will be a little off frequency, as the radio is ok on export mode.

Mine is boxed, lives in the cupboard as cannot really be used as can’t get it export expertly sorted out. But remember the pluses, it has fine and course compared to Grant II Premium. These niggles add to people’s disappointment, mine included. Am I pleased it’s made? YES, am I pleased overall? Not so simple to answer with a yes..

Hmm, not sure either way. Yes they needed to make chrome again absolutely. It needs Murata inside, so guess need to wait and then resell to re-buy with Murata. Not great and of course painful.

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