Mention “simonthewizard” and get a Grant II Premium £189 delivered. *Extended 30/10/15*

So hot news. Mike Devereaux from Nevada has been in touch and with a limited time “4 days only and mention the blog and get the new board Grant II Premium for £189 delivered.

Hi Simon – how about this – if your readers mention this Blog to our sales people when calling in the next 4 days we will deliver a President Grant 11 PREMIUM free of charge for just £189. NEVADA will not be beaten on price in the uk FOR SURE !

So mention the blog and get a discount. When they are sold that’s it they are gone! 


*Terms and Conditions* some people thought was sneaky or hidden agenda but let’s sort it for you

A) limited offer 4 days B) Gone they are gone C) Mention the blog.

Simple enough for you?

Extended offer as closed Saturday & Sunday’s it extended till 30/10/15 I’ve read it via Facebook.

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  1. Your blog news, and your SaS reviews Simon, in my opinion, are second to none….that’s what attracted me here?..
    Your reviews, and M0OGYs reviews do help me decide to buy or not to buy.
    I do understand that reviews can not done/completed because of life commitments.
    If anyone can find the time, It would be nice to see the new Stryker SR-955HPC with the improved receive, against the Grant II Premium, the new Stryker SR-955HPC version has been out a long time, and I can not find an upto date review.
    I got through to Nevada this morning, I was greeted by a pleasant and cheerful guy, I mentioned the simonthewizard blog.. and he said who?? <—-(just kidding lol).

    President Grant II ASC Premium £189 delivered.. so I have ordered one…

    My thankyous goto Mike Devereux (inc all the guys) at Nevada, Radiozing, and to you Simon as your blog made this offer possible…


  2. When I tried getting through many times this afternoon alll I got is Beeep…Beeep..Engaged tone lol
    I had a look on the Nevada website they mention the expanded mode but they dont mention they will ship/send it in expanded mode.
    I’m almost sure if requested the guys at Radiozing would do the expansion if asked..?

    I could not find a good youtube running review of the Grant II premium or better still, Grant II vs Grant II premium…is the improved filtering noticable?
    I would like to know (in expanded) mode does the new Grant II premium drft off frequency when fully warmed up,..
    A good guess is I’m not alone wanting to read/view a complete performance review…


    • Grant II Premium has a complete top to bottom new board inside. I never reviewed it as M0OGY does them, mine are spit and sawdust reviews. I’ll have the radio on over the weekend and post the videos next week. Mine does not drift or has not till now! And filter is working well. Many Germans who own it seem to be delighted


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