Retiring Radio 00193

There is a time in each radios working life when you know it is the time for it to be boxed and sit, chill with others that have come before. This is the time now for my V3 Lincoln which we will call 00193. It worked effortlessly in the car and made some 78 countries in its lifetime, of these 11 were new ones for me on either 10 or 11m.


But it started to have back light troubles and these seemed to be getting more severe, a full reset brought some back to life but it is like seeing something in pain. No use to continue the agony as obviously not right at all. It was an early version 3 and was a worker for sure. Thanks to the two geniuses in S.A.V who worked on it when it was needed, it was the diamond in the rough. Used with the Panasonic WB61A modified standard mike it sent the signals around the world. From islands, mountains, cities and towns.

Would it have lasted 30 years if was from another factory? Who knows and no discussion point here. We of course will never know. So, off to the radio cupboard to sit shoulder to shoulder with Lincoln 1’s, a George and a James.

So the hunt for something will now take place, not a quick fix but spend some time and look what is out there.

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4 thoughts on “Retiring Radio 00193

    • Yep a little sad but not much really to do. Can’t really do anything to make it better. Replacement front? I think too small to solder as such small components. At the moment it heads to retirement but I’ve asked in Asia for some easy advice.. We will see what happens 🎈🎈


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