Firmware Upgrades On CB / 10m Radios

Seems a time when we will be able to update CB radios to fit the market we are using it in. Got a radio that cannot make AM mode in UK banding, then maybe an update will fix the issue. Two companies have told me they will look into this in the next 9-12 months. Customising radios for the markets they are sold for

This could have fixed some radios from the last few years which had “errors in firmware” and having researched this idea for many months now the real only issue is the drivers for the software. So many different people on so many systems, whether Windows 7, Vista, 8 or 10. Then the MAC users also. The company side is easy, just set a section where you log in with the serial number of the radio, set up an account and away you go.

Firmware Thoughts:

If you don’t want your radio to turn on and say EU, change it to come on in the country mode you need.

Change the bands that the radio covers, if you want low low, mid, hi and not mid, high, low as some presidents are programmed then change it.

I’m working now on a radio project, so we see what happens as that includes the idea of software updates, programmable transmit bandwidth on the menu for SSB and some other functions which will come alive via the PC and registered to download updates.

But most of all, the way to delete errors with new and later firmware is sure 2016 The Way Ahead

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2 thoughts on “Firmware Upgrades On CB / 10m Radios

  1. The idea itself is not bad bad but what about having radios in the store which have not been developed fully and first will need an update to function properly?, then update,get 3 problems solved and 3 new ones in return so you will keep the need for updating(and of course no possibillity to reverse to older firmware), or having to update because of problem but with the update LOOSE a function you like(just like with mobile phones).
    Yes you will be able to improve your radio and get rid of mistakes but looking at the current situation with other electronics which can be updated i think it will open the door to a whole new range of misery for me the customer….


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