White Noise News

So this isn’t any official update so no credits. This is an update on blog statistics, meaning the view of the search terms and what has been read on the blog since the articles about the noise levels have been written and released here. 

There has been considerable views from Uniden, and some views from President. As we know both companies are secretive, meaning you don’t really find something out till it is either released or they have something to say. Or have done something.

As I’m not a one stop shop for customer care I can only comment we need to wait and see if anything comes from it, or if they respond, or if ignored or indeed if something is done in the background. One dealer wrote it will take time. So that’s it as far as I’m concerned for now.. It will take time.

For me, I think actually the radio was tuned the best for mobile operation, it’s as we know some 20% stronger receive than the Bearcat 980. This increases the white noise level and as the display is large it reflects it more. Mobile use the level is almost nothing. Lincoln II my home S3 all the time noise and the same Grant II. Put both mobile it is S0 on the Lincoln and S1 on the Grant II. But for me, I still believe drop the receive to the level of the Bearcat as a start and see what happens. The compromise is to get what is best for both mobile and base station. That’s what will be interesting to see how it works.

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