Grant II Premium With Fine & Course? *Updated Explanation*

Another story here now from a few days ago and indeed when the board for the radio was designed there was a fine and course (clarifier/KC shift) on the initial diagram but sure did not make it to the release model. But someone out there has made the needed work and now has fine and course on the radio?

 You can see from the photo indeed what has been added to the radio or what is going to be added. Seems there is not much left from the original and now comes the hardest time of all and that is the wait to see how it behaves now and if whether the noise level is lower or the same as before or I guess of course higher?

Of course these modifications President could never make as homologation would be impossible and with  a DSP you’d pay €400 for the radio. But it’s nice to see what can happen and let us leave it at that. The push button control I think comes from the 980 Bearcat? Not completely sure but I think it does.

Does the display track? Can’t tell you just now…

Did it need the course control. SSB radio without it is like a car with no engine.


Bands are busy, more Russian strong signals, jamming etc and people are using different places to chat. Once what was 27:545 is now 547 and what was a chat on 420 is now 428 (Friends in Poland use it)

So for me, I’m a no name user find it hard to understand not have it. Jackson II has it and it’s a CB not an amateur radio, and what if a George or Lincoln was released today without it. And could make only 5 and 0 we would all cry and be upset.

A true counter against a frequency indicator also remember would add costs, the more you add the more you pay. Till In the end you’ve something expensive, and people complaining even more about the costs

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