President Grant II Premium DSP **UPDATED**

It had really to happen when nobody seems to care if the noise level is too high or not. Solutions will be sourced in other areas and places. HF-Doktor who seems to be able to make radios do what they should have done from new! But this is no blaming article, welcome the Grant II Premium DSP version to existence.

Klaus has come up with some very special modifications and indeed seems to be able to extend the usefulness of many radios that you would think are finished and fully complete. Meaning nothing less to add, but always there is something.

€135 for the BHI DSP unit and then the installation of course, time, effort etc. If a CB came with this then of course the price would have been really high.. Go guess don’t expect it soon.

When there is a video then we will have it here on how the radio sounds now with DSP installed

10/10 Well Done Klaus.. Videos comes later as President Balaruc sent the wrong knobs am told….

I don’t think a DSP is actually needed, I’ve run an external one with the Lincoln II and sure they made it more useable than it was before. But in the Grant II case and this is for Uniden, reduce the sensitivity to Bearcat980 level. It will save a lot of upset people, or should I say save “more” upset people. And the next “letter to Uniden” comes soon….

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  1. Very exiting indeed and in my mind not so bad price for the working DSP unit.

    Grant II Premium seems to have some changes in AGC cirsuit vs first version. Premium owners are seing even more “white noise” signals than in the previous version. But that’s partly because the AGC is picking down and there is really some sense to dig up the signals. But afterwards it becames a mess. What bothers me about the DSP is that if you have to use it there is something wrong in the receiver. Grant II (or Jackson II, Harry III..) the problem is that it have unusable Noise Blanker cirsuit. The sensitivity in Presidents has always being on par but the interference tolerance not. Noise blanker, well it’s there but but practically nothing. Same thing about the Grant II.

    I don’t undertand the discussion about the modified radios redused rx sensitivity. Rx gain has to be redused in President Grant II. Do some job in the NB cirsuit though. If it’s necessary to increase audio power for radio to being in the mobile it can also be done. This all with no cost of sensitivity.

    I have Grant 2 Premium modified w/ordenary components and hopefully video comes soon..


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