President Grant II Premium “White Noise Mod & Others” **Updated Again**

This time we share another video that seems to show a whole lot of white noise (hmm know it well) and a modification that HF-Doktor brands as a 60-80cent modification. Take a look at the video and add any comments, this is the version III of his modifications based on the previous links and videos.


Seems as there were people Europe wide trying to modify the Albrecht 6110 they are now more turning there hands to making the Grant II have some changes. A cautionary tale as know someone who have been modifying the radio again AGC and white noise in the UK and the radio is now expired. So, remember this is a possibility of cause

I’ve seen the parts for the modification. 2 SMD parts and a piece of wire.

Video is (C) HF Doktor


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4 thoughts on “President Grant II Premium “White Noise Mod & Others” **Updated Again**

  1. Where is the QC at the factory, why do they have to bring out a second version, then that gets improved by end users. They should be testing them first, sending samples to the main markets to be lent out to users. It is just sloppy, selling sub standard products and make the user pay to do the testing so they can release an updated model.

    The Grant is a nice looking rig, it should be a good seller. If you pay £100 for any Anyclone you realise that you might not be getting top quality. But the Grant was £250 when it first came out, made in a President factory, but I haven’t come across many that have kept it, many bought it, it looked nice and then stuck it on ebay, to be bought by someone who knows less about when a rig is working and when it is not up to standard


    • Yep. I agree with some and not with all.

      White noise is rubbish! Mine suffer and can’t be used. But also I know some who have no noise issues (location dependent?)

      Grant II = 20% minimum more gain on RX than Bearcat 980 so gets the noise. Don’t understand the reason why was needed 20% more gain

      No KC Shift on an SSB radio? Sleeping, lazy, don’t understand the real world as staff don’t use, not legal in Vietnam and guess nobody uses radio in President? Like buying a car but not driving it as don’t have a license.

      Don’t trust anybody that’s why not tested in real world. Espionage or whatever else. Understand the reason, plus won’t like feedback it people don’t like it.

      Uniden Japan & President IP addresses show up on blog stats and readers, multiple computers so they’ve seen it. But the real pain in ass BS are dealers who President sell too. Guess President ask if radios are ok and are told they are second coming of Christ! But if you say well actually that last radio is junk then guess your removed off sales list? Dealers sell to users and the end point gets the shit nobody else.

      Into the thousands of emails here in 2016 complaining and real rudely about the radios. Uniden are 50 soon, President 40 years old.

      Changes need to be made!!! But while thousands of radios sell then nobody cares less. Why invest into fixing noise levels and KC shift when guess they sell thousands a month.

      See loads on eBay too. But don’t hurt President as already got there cash for initial sale..

      When heads in sand, engineers don’t use radios and all people don’t get same pain in ass noise levels close eye and move on I guess.


    • Where is the mode? The mode is SSB it shows on the video and when combination of buttons pressed the White noise on NB is a lot better and not so shrill sound as on standard radios. Check videos on YouTube for direct comparison.


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