CRT One 20w Version On Sale Now

I looked at it and looked at the original board of the CRT and seems possible that this will work if you like to grill your sausages or burgers on air. The radio is now on sale with 20w quoted in export mode. Interesting idea as the radio is cheaper than the AE-6110 so guess also the Team MiniCom can make it too**

** As I’m not sure I will take a look inside my MiniCom and see if that also shares the same board and final as the others and then we will know.

The price quoted for the export mode model was €78 compared to the normal version which is €49 at 

The model I saw quoted for sale was actually in Moldova.

Disclaimers: I think when the mod is performed the power will be over 20w and you would need to drop it down to 20w. I think AM will not work anymore. Reduces life of the radio as the final will eventually die. All warranty is away. Modification area of the blog will have it.

Team version which sells for around €47 I need time to check if the mod works and will report it here.

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