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Touted in some quarters as the Lincoln II / Alinco DR135DX killer (check websites) December will see the arrival in radio town of the Maxlog 8800 (v10-11-12-13-14)?  in a new skin with another seller and this time it will be called the Magnum1 from RF Limited



What do we know so far? Some information is listed below as is the manual:

OEM Band Chart:

A: 24.890 ~ 24.990 MHz (12 Meter Band)

B: 28.000 ~ 28.395 MHz (10 Meter Band)

C: 28.400 ~ 28.795 MHz (10 Meter Band)

D: 28.800 ~ 29.195 MHz (10 Meter Band)

E: 29.200 ~ 29.595 MHz (10 Meter Band)

F: 29.600 ~ 29.700 MHz (10 Meter Band)

Export Mode: 25610-30110 OR 24.500-25610 selectable from the radio front panel..

Great to see the start on 12m, forward thinking. Adds to the few that have done this. Optima, Stryker, AE5890EU and i think not so many more have added this option to there radios?

Magnum 1 Owner’s Manual (v1.0)

And with all amateur radios it comes with programmable Roger bleeps, echo and other goodies you’d expect to hear on 12-10 metres.

Price is not known at the moment, delivery time seems to be scheduled before Christmas so maybe this will be here on the blog as the featured radio for the Christmas season, last time was the Grant II i think or the Walker or Jackson II Chrome i cannot remember.

Personal Note: I sit here and wonder how many of the radio haters will go ahead and buy this one? Or will they sit quietly as wives, mothers, husbands and girlfriends wont allow them only to say that they are smart and know it will be not well made so never invested a penny, but can talk the legs off a horse about it anyway..

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3 thoughts on “Maxlogs Magnum 1 More News

  1. That price tag puts it up in the Optima MK3 and Stryker SR-955HPC. If it is just an 8800 tweaked with the odd bell or whistle, it’s going to struggle at that price.


  2. “Lincoln II / Alinco DR135DX killer” Well to be honest, a Fidelity 1000 would kill a Lincoln II. As for the Alinco, let’s see if the faux Magnum comes anywhere near the price of £122 delivered next day.


    • Too cheap £122 my guess if anyone imports it has to be in £200-£240 area due to taxes, postage and reseller costs. My guess Avera. He’s the number 1 and only guy who’d bring it I think..


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