More Black Friday Nevada Deals

So as well as the Grant II which some say comes as no surprise then below are some of the other deals around the Black Friday event and indeed there are some nice offers there. Nevada has added some diverse products this year and congratulations to them for an interesting selection of equipment

To find the selection we will add the URL here and as it says on the items they are time and quantity limited so for those that need them hit while the item is there.


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  1. The Grant deal isn’t that interesting, not because of what Nevada have done, but because President have set the retail too high. And who wants a rig that they have admitted is not up to scratch by releasing the Premium.

    Some of the other deals are quite good, bagged one of those PSUs last night when the offer came out and that Alinco HF set is good for someone just starting out with their Amateur licence.


    • It’s a £129.99 radio at the top end. Honestly I thought they’d have commented on the “white noise” but haven’t.
      Fortunately the non sales of Premiums seems to be wide spread.

      As “some President people” subscribe via email I’ll explain more

      Sold 1 million pieces (obviously not) to dealers who ALL love them, they are sold onwards to resellers. This is where they sit on shelves. So yes you’ve sold 1 million pieces but many sit gathering dust on shelves.


      1x Grant II v1
      2x Grant II v1.05
      2x Grant II Premium

      The “doorstop collection”

      All work in the car, Premium the best!
      But tried in multiple house locations all S3-S7 noise 24/7

      The last Premium handles white noise the best of them all that I have. The reason I don’t know! Maybe a smarter and more talented assembler in Vietnam made it? But it’s the best so far…

      And get this!!!

      I was told that “most people use them in cars so the White noise levels are no problem”


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