Team TruckerCom 12/24v Frequency List

So now the radio has hit the market we’ve been able to find out what the banding is on the radio for the legal norms. I’m not sure there are too many new ideas inside this radio, but I’m willing to guess that it is an improvement over the Roadcom. One of these was recorded driven over by a truck! That’s how good it was.

So the Banding isn’t such a shock.

UK: 2760125-2799125 FM & 26.965-27.405 FM

DE: 26.565-27.405 FM & 26.965-27.405 AM

EC: 26.965-27.405 FM

EU: 26.965-27.405 AM / FM

PL: 26.960-27.410 AM/FM

Maximum power of 4w in the given country codes. 6pin microphone.

Anything WOW? Not seen it yet….

Export Mode? Do we actually care if yes or no..


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