What’s In January 2016

We’ve been working really hard the last weeks preparing some articles for January. As holiday season is fast approaching I’ve decided to add a what is best budget CB, best price class and then 10m radios that try and be CB radios. Work in progress and comes in January. Resellers watch this space. You won’t like the comments some of them.


The year 2015 there was many choices for budget radios and also for those in the class €70-€90 which we have examined on what people have told us over the year and so was easy to take a look around different forums and come up with ideas. 10m radios that’s been the biggest fun category as almost all of them have or had issues at some point in time.  Whether it be non listening companies, echos not correctly aligned, too many Roger bleeps and so forth. We’ve asked around and have come up with some stuff about those too.

They’ll be new radios from old friends, got something now waiting to be announced and some other goodies. A couple of companies that appear to die slowly according to people spoken too, and also many other odds and ends that are landing now in the Wizards den. January also see Chinese New Year so factories close, time away so the radios need to be on the way by boat now to arrive before the closedown of the factories for there New Year.

I’m looking forward to 2016. It’s the year of taking companies to task. Time to ask questions. Time to think before buying a new radio. 

But most of all its a time we need name and shame dealers who let you down, radios that are doing the same, companies who don’t care, products that promise a lot and deliver not so much. Compiled from emails and messages throughout 2015.

The fun starts 00:00 January 1st. And on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th the what’s hot, what’s not begins!!

There will be no place to hide, or to put head in the sand won’t be the answer.

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