The Prodigal 0193 Returns

As well as a critic sometimes I can also say some positive things too. Today my Lincoln II arrived from France and is once more in service. Thanks must go to Mrs P, Mr S, SAV for spending time on it in France.

It will again make island festivals, new IWI and other events in the air. They are actually good working radios in mobiles, I’m the first to say “no white noise” in car usage and it’s got me many countries from the car.

Nice wandering 0193 back home for Christmas. Will be on air this weekend trying to get many Santa Claus stations in the log

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2 thoughts on “The Prodigal 0193 Returns

  1. And how many times has it visited France?

    If you bought a car that had to go back to the manufacturer, would you be happy?

    Also, if it wasn’t you, just some average Joe, do you think they’d be that responsive or bothered?


    • Email Groupe@ address and tell your tale of woe and wait. Here today I’ve a v1 never touched, 2x v3, a v2 and waiting another v2 to arrive. So in total 2 been there and looked at 1x initial release and this one.

      Cars. BMW320-D. From new spent around 1/4 of the 3yr I had it at BMW. And when returned with 130,000km it was 1/4 new from all stuff put inside. (Navi, harness, clutch, suspension, engine parts) but the next one was top class.

      President don’t like me. They did like me, then 9 years of anger, liked me 1 year or so and was invited with other writers to Poland 25th birthday and now not liked again.. Really not popular.. SSB they’ve dropped the ball, Grant II is noisy! Pay BMW get Polski Fiat. It can’t be Uniden as don’t make noisy SSB for themselves, so must be cash based. Uniden read the blog every other day and see people’s opinions. There 50th year in business now “tainted”
      Trouble is build 10,000 and they all sell you’ve no issues, and if 9850 sit on shop shelves still 10,000 are sold so no need to change.

      Once was “Engineered to be the very best” that crowns slipped. President will become niche SSB radios, while Qixiang build them quick and dirty sell them cheaply. They’ll shift loads going onwards.

      So not liked, both read blog, nobody comments, guess they think customers are not true and honest? But customers have the best warranty out there, long and inclusive. Even hated people can get radios repaired. 2016 am customer since 1978 but see my buying habit needs to change. Antennas for me work first class, get bandwidth and working super well plus AM/FM are ok at home, just SSB not usable.


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