Dragon Delta Force. Made in Philippines

News in via email that the Delta Force now being sold under its old Dragon name is again doing rather well. There are dealers outside of EU telling me so (can be true I guess) and if you need it in the EU to replace something that isn’t doing what you expect I’ll add a list to the only place I know so far selling it.

This store is in Poland, the owner speaks English and offers safe and secure shipping across the EU. Seems many are now looking for other makes as the tried and tested ones flounder trying to relive past times. The new Dragons seem to have less frequency coverage 25.6 upwards where I believe the old ones started a little below. I’ve not seen any videos as yet, so don’t know how they are compared to the others but Philippine made! Best Uniden was Philippines so maybe there is a chance this one is ok too?

Link: http://tinyurl.com/jbm7qsk

Price as of today exchange rate: €276 + Shipping

Does it suffer white noise? I don’t know, How is the Quality? I don’t know. 

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