CRT 7900 Drops To €198

Another radio dropping down in price for the Christmas season seems to be the CRT7900 from Neuner. Markus has just expanded his store I believe and with this seems to be some new prices online for some of the best selling radios.

The offer excludes the programming cable and software so remember this when you are ordering. Also be aware you need the adapter to take it from RJ45 to 6 pin so you can run your favourite Mike on your new radio.


This radio will require a solder jumper for export mode (OP1) so also remember this as many have asked me what the code is for the push button unlock.

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  1. I’m a ham in the US and I can’t for the life of me, track down a tone board for this radio to purchase. Does anyone know where to get one?


    • Thanks Simon. Yes, I have the Anytone version of this radio, the AT5555n. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with the board. Otherwise it is definitely a fantastic 10/11m rig and probably the best “export” radio I’ve ever used.


    • Well the guy I gave you via email am sure he can help you. Maybe drop him a line or wait till he writes but he shows he has them in stock and also the RJ-45 to 6 and 4 pin Mike cables he seems to have too. Hope it helped in some small way?


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