Uniden & President Still Deny Noise Levels?

My sincere thanks to Ondrej from the Czech Republic for the videos below which again show that the Grant II has noise level issues. He is from the 16th country where emails come to me showing the same old story. Half a screen of noise. “Your the first to ever tell us this” will be the answer from President France.

Ondrej contacted me first in the end of summer about his noise level and indeed I forwarded the email to President from him. Another true and loyal customer who now upon my advice got an Albrecht as in my home and others the 5890EU had no noise. Now Ondrej looks to sell his Grant II as of course like most of them it isn’t that! Let’s hope there is not too much loss with this, a radio for us all is a big investment.

I guess above is President and Uniden. That’s how to deal with customer complaints. 

One or two issues then you say say customers are stupid. But to insult the intelligence of those who have spent money is beyond contempt. I told almost all of 2014 the noise level is high, continued all of 2015 till now they don’t like me, ignore me. So for me in return put back on the shit list of President, my crime telling them the truth which they cannot take and certainly do not like.  So the truth hurts. And the only answer I really had was this:

“Skip conditions are high so the receive needs to be strong”

Wake up! Foolish. Cycle 24 almost in the end, noise levels at the high on the front end.

SSB radio locked to 0/5 arrogance again as well all need the ability of 5/4/3/2/1/0 as its SSB and not everyone sits on 535 they maybe use 547 as an example.

Maybe we all need wait till November 5th next year, all meet somewhere and pile them high and burn them all together. Lincoln II was junk, they changed it. Grant II was low power and insulting. Then released the Premium with Murata inside, excellent idea! But White noise kills of the good intentions of the new radio. 

But when something sells no pain is felt. But there will be pain as many now will avoid. But “Back Home To USA” is the saviour, sell AM which works. Or sell the Bearcat 980 as Grant USA and will sell of it is Bearcat made. It is soon the time to wear black armbands, a famous brand slowly dies from SSB and in a very public way in front of our eyes. Too proud to comment, best to Ignore customers, try and tell me that 3/4 of users are in cars so white noise not an issue. My guess was, is, always will be the following. Low cost made, big margin. Customers told the same old story via email, which they ask me how can it be true.

President Smashed Up My Radio:


Another day, another sad story appears.

It was not us, your the first person to ever contact us about these things.

So is it Uniden @50 years old suddenly makes inferior stuff?

Is it the “Vietnam Jinx”

Or cheap made with no care, no real tests and sold with massive margins?

I know what I think, rest is up to you ladies and gentlemen 

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