Coming Soon! Buy? Sell? Don’t Bother!

During the Christmas and New Year season I’ll release the buy, sell or avoid list of radios that have come to the Wizards desk, the ones that have stayed, the ones boxed up and those sold onwards via eBay or simply sit in the cupboard to avoid the disappointment of using them.

I will have the usual suspects. President, Team, Anytone, Albrecht, Stabo, Intek, Danita, CRE, Alinco, CRT, K-PO, Stryker, Optima III amongst others and the reasons to invest, don’t waste cash and time, resell, get modified or simply don’t touch it.

Of course readers your voices are the strongest. I’m one person and with one persons opinion. Got something that is junk then name it and shame it. The only way the hobby gets better is when information is shared.

Products Damned

Products Liked

It is EOY (End Of Year) so it has to be done. New Year means new dreams to chase.

The 3 Categories will be:




The original Wizard is back. So, watch this space as the list will come. Possible at the end of the year, maybe a bit before. Depends on who also contacts me to add names on the list. Already this year we have some names and that’s why it was decided to do this article. 

For sure there’ll be tears in some makers offices. Already names have come in via the contact form. For some the old year will end and New Year begin with tarnished equipment named and shamed.

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