Coming 2016 Alinco DJ-NX40T

Even in the near days to the holiday season some importers are popping up with new radios that will grace the shelves into 2016 and one of these is Maas with the introduction of the new NX40T handheld from Alinco. They say the handset features NXDN Digital Technology.

Protection – While the case is compact, DJ-NX40 has rugged construction providing protection against water, dust and other undesired elements. The radio is also tested to MIL-STD 810 for vibration and shock to survive in harsh conditions.

Built-in Motion Sensor – Its compact 2.24 x 3.88 x 1.89 inches

Body weighs only 11.04 ounces inclusive of antenna and a standard high-capacity 2650 mAH Li-Ion battery pack.

Compact and Lightweight – Li-Ion pack, desktop quick-charger and high-performance whip antenna

Made-in-Japan utilizing state-of-the-art technology and quality – The DJ-NX40 has been designed in our Osaka Headquarters, assembled at our ISO14001/9001 certified factory in Toyama, Japan.

The new DJ-NX40 is a rugged simple-to-operate NXDN digital or conventional SCPC transceiver employing FDMA 4-level FSK modulation

and the NXDN protocol, featuring true 6.25kHz spectrum efficiency, higher

security and superior audio clarity. DJ-NX40 features include professional

grade specs such as 0.7W audio output, 1.5ppm frequency stability, selectable TX output of 1W or 5W; keep in touch for retail, construction, factory, warehouse, in a theme-park, shopping mall, exhibition hall, hotel… offering instant, reliable and secure business communications, the DJ-NX40 is a cost-effective way to migrate smoothly from legacy analog to cutting-edge digital technology!


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    • Real interesting. My hand held Alinco was made by Qixiang. This new one I’m not sure I look to find a battery off photo and that I hope will help. Plus didn’t know they made in Philippines either…


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