President Electronics USA Antennas??

Many requests for me last week to name the antennas that President is going to sell in the USA. Some excitement around this and so they should be as they make excellent antennas. Marc and his team in Barcelona sure know there stuff. Sadly President don’t share information with me (not on friends list) so I can’t tell with any knowledge just guess work sorry.

So when none of these antennas arrive remember I told was guess work to the maximum.

Mobile Antennas:

President Virginia

President ML-145

President Florida (They are based there so why not?)

President New York

President Colorado 1800

President Texas 1800 Power

I’ve got the last two and they work superbly well. It’ll run the Wilsons hard, they eat Firestik antennas and the rest will be time related. The Texas and Colorado have great bandwidth, well made, long guarantee that’s why you pay what you pay and Europe made. So to the USA remember there will be also import duty and taxes. New York, Virginia and Florida plug n play antennas so for quick and easy, down and dirty installation will be good.

Home base Antennas:

President Himalaya

To all purposes almost like an Antron99 but with horizontal ground planes should you want to fit them and wider bandwidth down into the 26/25MHz where the A99 maybe gets skitty. But Antrons could be cheaper in the USA as they are in Europe and with all the homebase antennas there are in the USA could be a hard sell. But a bloody good antenna and has worked well for me, so can’t say anything different. Plus long warranty so foolish not to invest in the antenna too. And it’s well made. That’s important too but in Europe an Antron99 is €89.90 plus €49.90 for the ground plane kit and the Himalaya weighs in at €159.90 including ground planes.  I don’t see the Aravali  being widely sold, it works but Sirio have a lot in this market and already established in the USA so could be a hard time.



With the New York and Florida and also the Virginia I will add on record I can see troubles if people run power. At 50w sometimes the Virginia has SWR issues on FM, and I was told of one melting too (In Germany*) but other than the antenna are well made and work well, no matter what people say at President they do know there antennas and know them well.

But all guess work, I’ve no ideas at all, won’t have ideas either!!

*Reseller Told Me.

At 50w my SWR on mid-band is sometimes quite erratic on s-meter so with AM and swing I’m not sure.. But try them if they sell them as you could find them interesting indeed.

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