President Lincoln1 Mike Adapter

$9.95 plus shipping and takes around 10 days to arrive from California. That’s what I have found when looking for a Mike adapter for a Lincoln so can run 4 pin Cobra wired mikes on it. CQRadioSupply from Eldorado hills California shipped it registered mail and super fast

As many people now seem to be hunting down the old radios compared to any of the new it is juice to see the adapter is available and nice priced. So I’ll let you know the eBay item number and then you can search it directly: 400554817626

I was running an RF Limited Xtreme 2018 with mine but now with the adapter it is a little easier to chop and change as and when required.

Maybe seems not important here, but I’ve been asked about adapter for this radio recently more than at any other time so now is the time to add it on the list.

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