Midland GB-1 Export Mode *Updated*

 So now with the radio released a little the software has arrived on the market and the following photographs from Bert show what the magic software has to offer and of course all the goodies are there, and really make the radio come alive as it will unlock it for what “nature intended” 2016 we hope to have the software here and will let you know more about it.
I believe the software here was sold with the radio from Truckerswereld in the Netherlands so indeed there is a dealer with the software available and below is a small screen shot with the software with the “Height Powered” mode which we know must be for the power.

And what also is nice to see is that you can program different transmit and receive frequencies, this also makes the radio a lot more interesting as can be used for more options. Thanks to Bert for letting me know these features and what can be unlocked via the software. Merry Christmas…

Link to software: http://tinyurl.com/natwod2

€49.95 shipping to Hungary so that’s a non starter. 

Sincere thanks to Bert, now let’s see if a video of the non locked version surfaces online….

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4 thoughts on “Midland GB-1 Export Mode *Updated*

  1. It’s time to bring mobiles with antennaconnectors … thats bullshit small cable. For the hobbyists, the family communication, convoi- driving, sportactivitis etc it would be so much nicer to use good mobil rx/ tx on pmr and german freenet (2m). Why we’ve to sit in our cars like farraday in his cage … But getting electrifired from inside? Ok this radio is a beginning and extremly expensive! No wonder people buying motorolas preprogrammed for pmr, lpd and freenet. On bay there are some nice flashed gm1200 running – normaly about 60-70 bugs if it’s preprogrammed for HOBBY-Use 🙂 wondering if the same gb1 radio is selling as noname chinacracker for 60,00 € and software 15,00€ hmmm … I think there is a marked for making PMR to CB but this needs more investments in licens for the EU – so the good old motorolas and other Hobbyprogrammed-Landradios will do tha thing … Better 🙂 PMR=CB 40 channels 4 watts output antenna you like basta!!!


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