President Grant II Back Again £159.95

All over bar the shouting. The price has boomeranged back to its pre-special price. I was sat yesterday and in all my radio days I’ve never known an SSB President for under £100 new. So that shows something we knew long time. But New Year comes soon with new ideas, new radios to chase, new options. But if you want and need the Grant II the link is after the break here.

The link to the radio:

Times are changing in the radio world and they are changing faster than we can ever imagine. And for the record I think Nevada has shown its hand, shown the Grant II laid bare. The oldest dealer and the first to do so, and for this we all need to congratulate them for standing tall.

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One thought on “President Grant II Back Again £159.95

  1. Let’s see what happens when the new president grant III arrives in 2016. The price for an old grantII will drop dramatacly down. Did i forged to say that the new grantIII comes with usb port and bluetooth for headsets and remote control for tablets…


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