Limited Edition 5 Worldwide

For those of us who wanted a working and DSP quiet Grant II seems we have missed the bus as I have learned there are 5 prepared via the HF Doktor and that’s the final amount it seems. All the mods, variable power, fine course (TBC) DSP, receiver modifications, audio modifications. Some of which the original needed too (Tongue In Cheek) but well done Klaus.

I’ve not given up! I will try and get the shack to modify me a Grant II as it suits me in so many ways, and in other ways it is far away from what I had expected or wanted. But I’m sure President listened, maybe nothing happens, maybe nothing comes but I am sure they listened and also Uniden with now over 240 searches of the blog have seen the reactions from the people. Companies can make mistakes, none of us are perfect but if they learn from it then it is ok. If they don’t then this needs to be addressed somehow someway.

None of us want expensive radios to let us down. I just want quiet RX like George, Lincoln, Jackson1, Jackson II.

In some situations, some locations and under some circumstances the receive behaves too sensitively which can cause white noise to become too strong. But like all things, not all people have reported it or if have it there are different levels of noise.

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3 thoughts on “Limited Edition 5 Worldwide

  1. What do you mean “quiet rx”? Most folks use rf gain or attenuator for this. Can I suggest the injection of known signal strength source such as Elecraft xg3 to check signal strength meter on old versus new President transceivers. Could be that old ones are lazy or new ones are over active (or both) giving the impression of noisier rx in newer rxs. Also new rxs may be more sensitive and require more judicious use of rx gain\attenuator dependent on conditions/noise. More information/experimentation is required, all cb reviews so far miss out these simple tests.


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