President Grant II eBay £62 Awaiting Bids

Thanks to Stephen for sharing the information about this one. Seems the start of New Year customer sales are happening.  Here for example we have what seems to be a perfectly nice looking Grant II comes complete with a KPO Mike. We’ve more information after the break here.

We are not featuring any of the photos here as not needed in my mind. But if you want a look then the item number is:321964844264 For sure someone will get a bargain I guess. We all know the noise issues so I’m not on about this anymore as nobody seems interested but for a MOBILE radio and not base they are working rather well.

What is sad, and no better way to describe it is that old Jackson and Lincolns and Georges are more than this as starting bids and go on to make more money. Plus Nevada with there £99.95 day offer have really put the fate of this radio well and truly. No matter whether you like or hate President you’ve sure had a radio from there stable during the years and it’s sad to see what has happened. No troll comments needed, just as users it is sure sign how media and Internet changes the world of radio these days.

Mobile situation someone will get a bargain.

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